Courses, guidance and advice

The basic line of study and research developed by the IAD is based on the concept of learning and development.
We consider it essential in the study of learning difficulties, to analyze how students are taught and how scientific concepts develop at school age; how scientific concepts are developed in the child's mind in the teaching-learning process, considering how the acquisition of spontaneous concepts occurs in the interpersonal relationships that the child establishes.

Discuss the forms of mediation of teaching, analyzing how the development of scientific concepts occurs. Indicate new forms of methodology and possibilities for specific intervention according to the learning difficulties.

Plan interventional action with teachers and pedagogues to overcome learning difficulties. Developing an integrated work with the school with therapeutic and pedagogical guidelines.

Organize continuing education for professionals on various topics involving Human Rights, Inclusion, Developmental Disorders, Difficulties and Learning Disorders.

Work with public policy and organizational management consultancies.

Conduct courses on Sustainable Development - SDG 2030